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Rugby Update – The Calm after the Storm

What a week! Torrential rain, gusty wind, no access to our Rugby Clubhouse, this week feels like the calm after the storm!

Whilst weather tried to stop play, it didn’t always succeed. For future reference, unless the Government issues a weather WARNING, matches and training will resume. A Government Weather ADVISORY is unlikely to stop Rugby – naturally it is also at the discretion of GRFU and Coaches – so please refer to SPOND for up-to-date info.

Training most certainly didn’t dampen spirits on Saturday. Here are a few pictures of Year 4, 5, 6 and 7 enjoying the puddles that momentarily existed on the pitch. Thank you for coming and thank you to the coaches for braving the weather throughout last week.

Gibraltar Youth Rugby Rain

U-mee Rugby Championship

Two thrilling games took place in Round 8.

Bahia Vs Campion Rugby – here at Europa Sports Park

Phoenicians Vs Buccaneers – in Cadiz

U-mee Rugby Championship
U-mee Rugby Championship Table

Congratulations to IBEX Buccaneers who inch closer to winning the League; just 2 rounds remain.

IBEX Buccaneers Rugby

Gibraltar Women’s Rugby Team

“This weekend our Gibraltar Women’s Rugby team travelled to Sevilla to participate in ‘XII TORNEO POR LA IGUALDAD DE GÉNERO EN EL DEPORTE’ hosted by @cocodrilas. The tournament focused on Women coming together to play Rugby and highlighting gender equality in the sport.

Rugby has always been seen to be a male dominated sport. Many have believed that Rugby isn’t a sport that should be played by Women. The sport has been viewed to be aggressive and not ‘lady-like’. But as time goes on women have shown their strength, resilience and the passion for the sport which in turn has enabled the sport of Women’s Rugby to get bigger and better. Female rugby players have shown the rest of the world that women too, can excel and play rugby at a standard that is just as good as their male counterparts.

This tournament has been an incredible experience for the team. The reading of a manifesto before the start of the tournament, highlighted the battle and difficulties women have faced playing the sport of rugby. A story that each player could resonate with.

The Gibraltar Women’s Rugby team has grown so much over the years, despite the inevitable challenges we’ve faced. Each player has found their space within the team and felt empowered playing the sport. Their strengths are continuously celebrated both on and off the pitch.

Throughout the tournament, the team played some great rugby, worked incredibly hard as a team and showed great support for each other. The commitment and consistency in training in the lead up to the tournament really showed & this was seen in every second on the ptich. The team showed some incredible support play, made some very dominant tackles and scored some beautiful trys.

This is just the beginning of whats to come for Women’s Rugby in Gibraltar. As numbers continue to grow and experiences like this keep coming, the team & each player will see a massive improvement in the skills and quality of the game.

A massive thank you to sevilla’s cocodrillas for organising such an incredible tournament and providing a platform where all women can play rugby together to celebrate such an important cause.

Lastly, the team are immensely grateful for our very own coaches Stephen and Luke Payas (father & son) who take time out of their week not just to coach the team but for believing in every individual and helping them strive to be the best player they can be.

The team is very excited to see what the future of women’s rugby in Gibraltar has in store. Watch this space! & sign up if you’d like to be a part of this Rugby Family.

Gibraltar Women's Rugby Team

The week ahead

First and foremost, our National Gibraltar Rugby Team are playing against WRU, Wales Deaf.

This game is taking place in BRIDGEND. Please refer to social media for live updates, commentary and scores.

We wish our National Team Well.

Gibraltar Rugby vs Wales Deaf 2024

Gibraltar Easter Eggstravaganza

With some of the school’s breaking up early for the Easter Break, we thought the 16th would be an appropriate date to hand out an Easter treat to our younger members.

Our active Rugger Tots, Y1,Y2,Y3,Y4,Y5,Y6 and Y7 members are invited to receive an Easter Egg.

We are using the lists on SPOND as a guide for numbers.

On Saturday, may those listed above please collect a TOKEN from your coaches after training to redeem against an Easter Egg up at the Rugby Clubhouse from 11am

Gibraltar Easter Eggstravaganza

The Rugby Clubhouse

Your bar will be open as usual, for Breakfast Rolls, Hot drinks including Hot Chocolate and Variety of Teas and then Lunch menus, right through to the 6 Nations matches …

6 Nations Championships – Round 5 – FINAL ROUND

Saturday 16th March

Wales Vs Italy KO 15:15

Ireland Vs Scotland KO 17:45

France Vs England KO 21:00

Let’s all reunite at the Rugby Clubhouse to enjoy the last 3 games on SUPER SATURDAY.

The sharing platters are back on the menu as is the drinks deal. Come along, support your team. Please respond on Wild Apricot as to whether you intend to come so we can prepare to receive you.

This Saturday 23rd March

Mark the date in your calendar

Another trilogy of fun and games at Gibraltar Rugby

  1. The TNB Youth Rugby Festival
  2. Wellbeing Awareness Hub
  3. GRC Round 9 matches
Gibraltar Wellbeing Awareness Hub
Gibraltar Corporate Touch Rugby

Corporate Touch Rugby Tournament

The GRFU have recently launched our Corporate Touch Tournament. Are you keen to play rugby, ready to return to rugby or just want to get more engaged with your colleagues? Here is the perfect way to do precisely that:

  • Teams of 12 players
  • Minimum of 2 female players on the pitch at all times
  • Minimum age: 15

Looking forward to seeing you at the Rugby Clubhouse this weekend.


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